Our Shows:

Whether it's at our interactive live shows or through our records, book or blogs, our mission is to spark the imaginations of our audience through the songs and games that we play!  

Our high energy adventure based live shows use fun props such as parachutes, scarves, shakers, puppets and bubbles, that make every kid want to participate. Paired with songs that you'll be singing for days, a Lolly & YoYo live concert is not something that you or your kid will soon forget. 


We perform at music venues, schools, libraries, malls, zoos, at festivals and even in your own back yard!  You can take the adventure along with you when you listen to our records, An Adventurous Day and Go! Go! Go! or with our playfully interactive book, Move! We help kids look at the world around them as a playground, giving them the tools to use every day objects in their imaginative adventure. And, while we're at it, we might just help the grown-ups to remember what it was like to be a kid, too. It's always a great day to play!



Meet The Team



Larissa 'Lolly' Hopwood began her lifelong love with childrens music and entertainment when she was a little girl dancing in front of a turned-off television to Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson.  Since those early days, Lolly has performed on well respected stages as both a childrens musician and in indie bands. Whether she's playing to a big crowd or a small audience, Lolly always connects with the audience on a personal level. The songs that she writes, records, and performs have the kind of nostagia and familiarity of old-school Sesame Street that engage the younger listeners. However, parents often admit to listening to (and happily singing along with) the songs even when the kids aren't around.  

Lolly has released two children's music CDs Go! Go! Go! and An Adventurous Day with YoYo. She also co-wrote the interactive kids book, MOVE!, with YOYO which was published in Spring 2016 by Workman. Always finding for more inspiration in the record crates of her favorite indie record shop, in books she reads, in the world around her, and in the vibrant children and grown-ups in her life, Lolly is excited to explore new possibilities and to make lots of new stories, games and music!

Yvonne Kusters, fondly called "YoYo" by kids, is the creator and founder of LET'S PLAY TODAY®, a company designed to inspire and empower children and adults to see fitness as fun, playful, and lifelong. LET'S PLAY TODAY® has blossomed into a mobile, educational fitness program for children from ages 16 months through 12 years old and has spread internationally, having reached Australia, Canada, Japan, England, South Africa, Ireland and Dubai. She co-produced two children's music CDs, and co-authored an interactive children's book, MOVE!, with LOLLY, which was published MAY 2016 by Workman. She loves to perform in front of thousands of children every year during the Lolly&YoYo music and fitness shows and has been seen jumping around on the TV show Sprout. Yvonne uses her background as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic coach, to advocate and promote health and wellbeing through workshops, instructor trainings, children's fitness classes, and live performances. Her favorite things to do includes wearing tons of colors, eating kale banana smoothies, and going on outdoor adventures.

What we do!

Music and Fitness shows for kids ages 1 - 8

Interactive, high energy, super adventurous shows for big and small events! Lolly & YoYo bring adventure, fun, and memorable songs to festivals, libraries, museums, music venues, zoos, schools, and lots of other 

Kids love dancing along to live music and playing with musical instruments, freeze dancing with scarves, blasting into outerspace with noodles, and jumping around in the huge parachute! 

Kids Fitness Classes/ Teacher Training Program

As the CEO and creator of the international kids fitness program, LET'S PLAY TODAY®, YoYo (Yvonne Kusters) has taught countless parents, teachers and professionals how to implement fun exercises, age appropriate games, and imaginative play to connect with their active little ones. To learn more about how YoYo's program can help you, visit


YoYo will also celebrate your birthday or special holiday with you! 

Musical Story Time / Solo Shows 

Lolly's songwriting and performance are beloved by kids and parents across the globe. Whether it's at an acoutsic storytime or at a large venue backed by a full band, Lolly's personal connection with the audience and love for vintage kids music & entertainment translates into a memorable show for children and grown-ups alike.

Motivating and engaging workshops which encompass exciting fitness games and music.  These workshops and professional development courses can be tailored around your specific needs.   

Professional Development / Speaking

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