MOVE! is a unique board book unlike any your child has read, that combines imaginative play with movement.  It's a book, but now it's a surfboard, then a sled, and also a horse -- YOU push it, steer it, jump over it, and on it, spin with it, balance it on your head, and many more activities to get you  and your kids moving.
Move! is a book that will foster a love for reading and a love for physical activity—a book designed to keep kids healthy, happy, and having fun. LEARN MORE...


  • Let’s MOVE! beyond the typical boundaries of thinking, AND spark our creativity!  

  • Did you know that every time you exercise and MOVE, you build new brain cells, release happy endorphins and turn your brain on for improved learning?  

  • This interactive assembly gets everyone up and MOVING while promoting literacy and writing from a very  playful approach.

  • We'll discuss our own writing process, how to harness your ideas and put it down on paper and how exercise can give you super powers! 

Geared for preschool - 2nd grade   (and can be tailored up to 3rd grade). 

Author visits can be 20 minutes - 1hr long  (as well as half and full day visits) 

EMAIL OR CALL YOYO at:  OR   267.342.0633


Our fabulous illustrator of MOVE! has created more ways to MOVE!  Check it out here:


Our National Book Tour

was a SUCCESS!


LA NAEYC Nov 4, 5,6,

TEXAS OCT 3 - 7th 

September 3rd 10:45am @

Decatur Book Festival,  Georgia

July 28th 11am @ Darien Library, CT 

July 28th 2:30pm @ Westport Library, CT 

July 29th 10:30am @ RJ Julia in Madison, CT

July 30th 2:00 @ Jones Library in Amherst, MA

August 1st 3:30pm @ the Boston Public Library

August 13th 11am @ the Oneida Public Library, NY

August 13th 2:00pm @ the Cazenovia Public Library, NY

August 15th 11am @ the Utica Public Library, NY

August 15th 2:30pm @ the Dunham Public Library, NY

August 16th 10am @ Frank J Basloe Public Library, NY

August 16th 2pm @ Kirkland Town Library, NY





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