Lolly & YoYo's first album is choc full of interactive and imaginative songs that are great for getting your kids moving, whether it's in a classroom or during a livingroom dance party. From the 60's beach party inspired 'Do You Like to Play With Bubbles,' the harmony filled 'Hello Hello', to the fiddle filled 'All Aboard' and 'Oh Susannah', not only will you want to move around and play, you'll also be listening to a diverse display of musical inspirations! 


1. Hello Hello

2. Let's Play Today 

3. the Silly Illy Willies 

4. Do You Like To Play With Bubbles?

5. All Aboard 

6. Jump Jump 

7. March Around 

8. Oh Susannah 

9. Freeze! 

10. Stop Slow Go

11. Clap Clap 

12. It's Time To Say Goodbye 

Go! Go! Go!